Multiple screens and login window

I’ve been using recently Ubuntu with multiple screens and it works great! But it seems to save main window position only after login, so before login it appears in other screen.
I’ve read about some manual configuration to change login screen but it would be great to be able to do that in settings too.

Usefulness : sometimes in cinema set we use lots of different video outputs, some on projection or LED panels, and this way it can be configured to open the login window in the main computer display after reboot.


That sounds like bug 1760849. Although the best workaround I’ve seen was mentioned in the upstream bug gdm#372:

  1. Configure your desktop the way you want.
  2. sudo cp ~/.config/monitors.xml ~gdm/.config/
  3. Edit ~gdm/.config/monitors.xml to make sure the monitor you want as primary is set as <primary> yes </primary>