Multipass won't create any VM in Hyper-V


I installed Multipass on my corporate computer. I choose Hyper-V as virtualization backend. When I am trying to launch a new instance, I get a timeout :

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> multipass launch -v
launch failed: The following errors occurred:
alert-peacock: timed out waiting for response

In event log, the last multipass message is

[alert-peacock] Trying SSH on

in Hyper-V, no VM has been created

What should I look at ? I guess it comes down to some restriction from my company on my laptop… But I have not idea where to look.

Thanks in anticipation.

Sounds like you should report a bug on

Hi @jsroques, doing a launch -vvvv would show a bit more detail.

But as Sebastien mentioned, it’d be best if you filed a bug.

I have filed a bug :

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