Multipass v1.14.0 RC1 now available

Multipass version 1.14.0 RC1

A new Multipass release candidate!

This Multipass release has some very significant changes in, with the main one being a brand new graphical user interface!

  1. The new graphical user interface (GUI) should make it much easier and intuitive to manage your Multipass virtual machine instances. This is what we call a minimal viable product and as time goes on, we will be adding more functionality and tweaking the interface. You can launch the new GUI by looking for “Multipass” in the ways you normally launch applications on your host platform. Please try it out and provide feedback.
  2. The ability to add an external bridged network to an existing instance. Much like what multipass launch --bridged does, but for an already existing instance. In order to do this, you must:
  3. Classic mounts are more secure now.

The Windows installer and macOS installer are now available, and the Snap is in the beta snap channel:

snap refresh multipass --beta
# or
snap install multipass --beta

More highlights:

  • The Snap package has been greatly optimized. It is ~48% smaller in size (122MB → 64MB).
  • The date and time inside an instance should not skew when resuming from suspend. (#982)
  • Along with aforementioned GUI, the icon set has been updated including light and dark mode icons on macOS.
  • Switched to using vcpkg for building the grpc and POCO library dependencies.

You can find the full list of changes since 1.13.1 in our v1.14.0 milestone and even more detailed in the full commit log.


Please file issues here for problems and feature requests, or come to our discourse to chat. We’re also in Multipass on Matrix. See you there :slight_smile: