Multipass on Apple M1 based computers

Hi all!
What’s the status of multipass on MacOS for Apple M1 based computers?

Hi @diogoconstantino, we don’t have it on the immediate roadmap, but hoping to get on it in the next cycle.

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I have installed Multipass on my MacBook Air , version 1.81+mac all seems well. Issues so far , no multiple terminals , disk size is small.
used Multipass -disk 20G argument to increase the disk size.

I installed it and it works but…

10:39 $ multipass info --all
Name:           development
State:          Stopped
IPv4:           --
Release:        --
Image hash:     0c73fe603fdd (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)
Load:           --
Disk usage:     --
Memory usage:   --
Mounts:         /Users/alessandro/work => /work
                UID map: 501:default
                GID map: 20:default
✔ ~
10:39 $ sudo multipass get local.driver
✔ ~
10:39 $ sudo multipass set local.driver=hyperkit
Invalid setting 'local.driver=hyperkit': Invalid driver

Any idea why I cannot set hyperkit as current driver?

@apagiaro only the qemu driver is supported on the M1. hyperkit will be deprecated altogether in due time, as qemu does a bunch of things better: