Multipass Network issue

I need help with Multipass as my VM has stopped working. It appears to be a networking issue. I have managed macOS with the firewall enabled. Multipassd is explicitly allowed, and “Block all incoming connections” is disabled.

I have followed all the steps outlined in this guide: Troubleshoot Networking on macOS.

Additionally, I tried to create a new VM, but I encountered the same issue (the machine remains in an unknown status; either SSH is not possible or the machine is not getting an IP).

I enabled tcpdump on the bridge100 interface to investigate and found that the new VM was sending BOOTP/DHCP requests but not receiving any replies. After multiple unload/load cycles of Bootpd, I eventually disabled Bootpd and installed another DHCP server, isc-dhcp (instructions in the link below).

The new VM then received an IP address, and I got a popup in macOS to allow incoming connections to isc-dhcp. However, even after that, Multipassd was not able to move the VM to the running state (SSH still seemed to be an issue).

Regarding my existing VM, there is never a DHCP request. With the old .64 subnet, the VM was getting an IP right away (I believe) as there was an ARP request from 64.1.

22:37:12.740053 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28
22:37:13.290653 IP > igmp v3 report, 1 group record(s)
22:37:13.499397 IP > 0 [1au] PTR (QM)? (119)
22:37:13.499464 IP6 fe80::f4d4:88ff:fe57:d364.mdns > ff02::fb.mdns: 0 [1au] PTR (QM)? (119)
22:37:13.740846 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28

However, since I changed the subnet to .65, there is no IP and no DHCP requests either. I am unsure what to do next.

Hi @garichd, this forum is not really suitable for support. Would you mind moving your question to an issue on github? Thanks.