Multipass instances show "scape simbols" instead of colors

Just installed Multipass on windows 8, (so Oracle thing)

run an instance and it works, but it shows “scape simbols” instead of colors, so very confusing.


could not found any solution,
and only related issue:
seems as resolved more than a year ago

anything I am doing wrong ??

Hi @marqgonz, I am afraid that Multipass support for Windows starts on Windows 10. The windows console infrastructure was not able to deal with that sort of thing in Windows 8. They reworked it extensively in Windows 10 and I don’t expect they’d port it back. This series of blog posts has more info on that if you’re interested.

That said, you may be able to get rid of those symbols by doing export TERM=xterm-mono, but many other aspects are different now (e.g. encoding, history, scrolling, wrapping) so you may run into more trouble.

I tried ConEmu, and it seems as a nice workarround, at least usable

Thanks a lot ricab for info, stuck for now on win 8 (not even 8.1) on company resoruces, opsss