Multipass feature requests

Hi Multipass team,

I’m using Multipass regularly in my work, and have come up with a few requests for little enhancements that would make my life easier, that maybe you’d be able to consider at some time please? Perhaps these things are all possible and I’m using it wrong right now :slight_smile:

  • In the “multipass list” it would be useful to see when the VM was last used

  • It would be really nice to be able to add a comment or description to a VM. I’ve got 20+ instances and have to rely on the name alone to differentiate the VMs in the list

  • User-defined default for machine configurations - I always specify my own CPU/RAM/Disk sizes, based on my host machine’s capability - would be great to be able to set these as defaults locally

  • Tab-completion when using --cloud-init for instance doesn’t seem to expand from the ~/ home directory

  • Transfer globbing doesn’t seem to expand out on guests - e.g. “multipass transfer vm1:*.txt .” results in “[error] [sftp] cannot open remote file *.txt: SFTP server: No such file”

  • Would love to have a launch&shell all-in-one command - you can do this with an existing instance that’s stopped, the shell command will start it.

Many thanks


Thanks for the proposal. Most of the items are solid enhancements for Multipass.
Before we answer on each item, can you make separate issue on multipass github ( for each item? So we can address each of them separately.