Multipass 2018.12.1 release

Hello All,

We have just released version 2018.12.1 public beta of Multipass.

Notable changes are:

  • make the recover command idempotent (#528)
  • explicitly stop mounts when deleting an instance to avoid a race (#520)
  • be smarter about what group owns the multipass socket (#513, #523)
  • pass through all CPU flags when launching QEMU or libvirt instances (#516)
  • use info log level for metrics issues (#515)
  • fix potential race when starting a mount (#514)
  • use wall shutdown messages for users logged into VM when delayed shutdown is initiated (#501)
  • fix crash if exception during daemon start up (#487)
  • refactor CLI code (#468)
  • add default uid/gid mapping (#331)
  • fix file metadata passthrough
  • display uid/gid maps in info command (#439)
  • add support for the suspend command (#374)
  • shell to machine in delayed stop state (#461)
  • improve uid/gid validation (#479)
  • avoid leaking the libvirt bridge (#327, #413)
  • add a restart command (#217)
  • upgrade 3rd-party versions (#471)

The snap is available in the beta channel.

For the full list of issues fixed, see the milestone. For all of the changes since the last beta, view the changelog.

Thanks everyone and have a Happy Holidays!