Mozilla Bug 1773624

Hi all,

I’ve a few questions about what to expect from Ubuntu for the desktop:

We (users) report bugs and they are dormant.

Ubuntu, and i think all linux distro have a problem with xdg-desktop-portal, because if you try to save a file to a samba share from firefox, chrome or any snap app you can’t.a
This is something that is a regression from 2022, but I don’t see nothing to solve this.

So the questions:

Is Ubuntu desktop a priority?

If I pay assistance this going to be solved?

Sorry for this questions (and my bad english), and is only for me to understand what to expect.
PS: I hoppe no one take this questions in a bad way, is not what i pretend

We’ve been working on that specific issue, but upstream hasn’t accepted it yet.

We’ll continue to work on that and ultimately distro patch it if we need to.


Thank’s, for the answer.
I’m following all the bugs about this (ubuntu bugs, firefox bugs, and xdg bugs) but I don’t know that you are Sergio.:slight_smile:

Is possible to tell me how to apply you patch?

And again thanks for you answer and efforts

I am not sergio, but we work together on the desktop team. I wouldn’t recommend trying to build it from source yourself. We will get the patch into ubuntu as soon as we can, but there’s a process. Thanks for your patience.


Now that the topic seems to be more clearly defined, changing the name of this topic to something more useful.


It’s LP#1971168. Did you also report it elsewhere, @xadrezmiguelpires ?


Yes, this bug

The bug says is fixed, but in 22.04 is not. I write in the bug no one anwser

The bug is only fixed in 23.10 at the moment. In time the fix will find its way to 23.04 and 22.04.