Moving files to instances on Windows


I just installed the Latest version of Multipass Ubuntu on my Windows 10 pro machine and I am pretty new to using multipass and expecially on a windows host. I have the “primary” ubuntu instance up and running. I need to copy some files from c:\user\myfolder on my host windows machine to my primary instance of mutipass ubuntu /home/my_windir. How do i do that? I tried to use mount but it just hangs and does nothing. I’m pretty sure I’m not using it correctly. Any help is appreciated

When launching primary, your home is automatically mounted inside. Multipass says so in a message:

Mounted 'C:\Users\ricab' into 'primary:Home'

Did you not see it? Could you check that this mount is active by doing multipass info primary?

You can have a look at multipass help mount for an explanation of how to use the command. An example would be multipass mount C:\some\path primary:/home/ubuntu/my_mount.

An alternative is the transfer command. See multipass help transfer.