Moved topic


I posted a new q here about half an hour ago about problems I’m having setting up v.17.04 in a VMWare VM and it got moved to another forum:

However, if I follow the link the person who moved it supplied, the q is marked “Closed” at its new location, so on the fact of it, no-one can reply. Also, at the otther forum, unklie this one, I don’t seem to be able to create a new topic because the “+ New Topic” button at the top right is greyed.


  • How to get my moved q re-opened again?

  • Why is the New Topic button greyed there but not here?

Hi Martyn,

The explanation is simply that is not the right place to post support requests. Ian already pointed you at this page, where you can find a few opportunities to seek support. Please study the page, and then ask your question in a proper place, e.g. Ask Ubuntu.