Most straight-forward way to get `librsvg2-*` microrelease update into focal-updates

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I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 and discovered a bug in librsvg provided by Ubuntu’s official DEB repositories.

This bug is actually a regression somewhere between librsvg 2.40.x (Ubuntu 16.04 xenial shipped 2.40.13) and the current development version (2.50.2). I noticed the regression after updating from Ubuntu 16.04 to 20.04. I’ve reported this bug upstream and it has been fixed.

Now I’ve read a bit about Ubuntu’s Stable Release Update (SRU) policies and I think this bug fix could (together with some other small changes) qualify as what is described under section 2.3. New upstream microreleases:

Ubuntu 20.04 currently offers version 2.48.7 of the librsvg2-* packages. Federico Mena Quintero, the maintainer of librsvg, was so kind to release an update to the 2.48 version line, 2.48.9 (all the changes between 2.48.7 and 2.48.9 can be viewed on GNOME GitLab or the GitHub mirror).

Since I’m not really familiar with the SRU process, I have two questions:

  1. Do you think updating Ubuntu 20.04’ librsvg2-* packages from 2.48.7 to 2.48.9 would actually qualify as an SRU? (If not, I’d like to learn why.)

  2. What is the “minimal-overhead” way to trigger (Ubuntu’s package maintainers to release) such an SRU?

There is a wiki page for Stable Release Updates.

Thanks for the post, indeed that’s a stable update candidate, the changes are clearly bugfixes

Could you report it on launchpad?

The previous SRU description could be reused basically there

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Thanks for your answer @seb128 !

Could you report it on launchpad?


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