Most of Laptops missing Numpad

Hello everyone!

looking for a new laptop and i see a new change in design.
We are missing numpads. Even the ones working with the functional key.
My own thought is that there should be a work around. Like a caps lock type keyboard remap of some sort.
Maybe the mouse tracker could work like a numpad?

sure you can buy a separate numpad, but i think that ruins the idea of an laptop.

I read about the Autokey. And i did find it a bit complicated when you have to start it separately.

whats the easiest solution here?

My opinion is that it should be nice to get a Dell XPS and still be “having” a numpad.

I found write ups on several laptops here:

Be nice to support Dell, since they support Ubuntu by offering laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed.

And they appear to have number pads.

I notice they have a really wide product offer in US.
Living in FIN I have to order threw a re-seller, and they really take their share. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
and i get the keyboard with Nordic layout.
Ordering from the (SWE) is possible but do not have as wide product offer as in US. (what a shame)

And i have to say i really preferred a Dell XPS. Sure the Precision would be nice but the price is really astonishing here in the EU

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That sucks, so much for Free Trade eh?