MongoDB on Groovy Gorilla

I have been trying out Groovy Gorilla for a while. It looks like mongoDB is not available in the default repos. And also looks like mongodb themselves do not have groovy gorilla support officially since it is in beta (Ref).

Is there any way I can get mongoDB running?
(If this is not the right category, let me know which is and I will close it here and open there)

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Groovy isn’t out yet as 20.10. It’s super common for 3rd party developers to only support Ubuntu releases once they’re actually supported. If it’s not in the repo, then we don’t support it, and indeed, this isn’t a technical support site. You’re better off asking this kind of question on - if it’s not already covered there.

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Nope. That question would be off topic at Ask Ubuntu since 20.10 hasn’t been released yet. Ask Ubuntu is only for supported Ubuntu releases, not the development version.

@bharatkalluri: I would try the focal version of MongoDB.


I think this is an appropriate place for this question before release:

MongoDB packages have been rejected from newer releases of Debian, and apparently from Ubuntu, apparently due to a licensing issue:

Older releases of Ubuntu (20.04 and older) still have older, license-compatible MongoDB packages in the Ubuntu repositories. You can also install MongoDB packages from

  • Since MongoDB used to be fairly popular, I wonder if this change is worth including in the 20.10 Release Notes?

Got it!

Tried that, unfortunately could not get it working. I guess I will wait for mongoDB devs to repackage it to groovy gorilla.

This is a really interesting link/conversation! Thanks for the pointer, did not know about how mongo licensing affected debian packaging until now.

I think this makes sense.

I guess I will work on making mongo 4.4 as a snap instead of going through all these hoops.