Monday 24th December 2018 🎄 🎅

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of the Community Hub (this site).
We also have our weekly meeting on IRC. We meet on Tuesday at 13:30 UTC in #ubuntu-desktop on Freenode. There will be an “Any Other Business” section at the end where you are welcome to raise topics. These topics might be discussed during the meeting, or afterwards depending on the time, depth of conversation, topic and so on.

Last week’s notes are here: Monday 17th December 2018
Next week’s notes are here: Monday 7th January 2019 🎆 🍾 🥳

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  • :railway_track: Tracker
    • :love_letter: PR to fix memory leaks and memory corruption in tt2sgml
  • :barber: Ubuntu-Dock:
    • Updated ubuntu-dock branch with release commit/tag
    • Updated ubuntu-dock-cosmic branch with release commit/tag and send debdiff to Seb.
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Isn’t 24th already an free day for everyone?

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chromium22 chromium

  • updated stable to 71.0.3578.98

libreoffice24-margin libreoffice

  • got 6.1.3 accepted and built in cosmic-proposed, autopkgtests successful and validated SRU
  • published 6.1.4 snap
  • uploaded 6.1.4 to disco

snapcraft24 snaps

  • investigated a regression where core18-based snaps wouldn’t accept ibus input, filed bug #1809107 and verified that revision 520 of the core18 snap fixed it

package24 other

  • prepared merge request for network-manager 1.10.14 SRU to bionic (bug #1809132), @seb128 kindly did the paperwork and I uploaded, it’s now in bionic-proposed which will allow an extended period of testing over the holidays

:computer_mouse: Gnome Shell performance (stutter | latency | CPU):

:sparkles: Gnome Shell other fixes:

:mag_right: Nvidia EGLStreams/EGLDevice support:

:bug: Bug management:

  • :pick: Backlogs progress:
    • :chart_with_downwards_trend: Good news (falling backlogs): gnome-control-center, gnome-terminal
    • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Bad news (consistently growing backlogs): ubiquity

:christmas_tree: :santa: