Mojotron: Robot Wars

Mojotron is an open source twin stick shooter similar to Robotron: 2084 or Llamatron. The game uses ClanLib 0.6 which is not available on Ubuntu. I’ve been updating the game to SDL2 so that it is easier to build. I’ve also fixed some bugs and created a new visual look for the game. I wanted more of the serious tone of Robotron not the weirdness of Llamatron but the original graphics are still available. I’ve created a kickstarter to get funding for open source game projects.

The source will be released at the end of the kickstarter assuming it is successful.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I made an appearance on the LinuxGameCast. It was a lot of fun. If you want to see some more monsters from the game the second kickstarter update has a bunch of images.

A friend played Mojotron: Robot Wars on a twitch stream.

The kickstarter unfortunately did not meet the funding goal. But that is no reason not to release the game. Mojotron: Robot Wars is available on in binaries for Linux and Windows. The game is not my complete vision but more updates will come. Source code is available on gitlab.