Modifying the first message users see

As previously discussed in the “Referring threads to more appropriate sites - #12 by cariboo - Site Feedback - Ubuntu Community Hub” thread, I think we can do better for users arriving on the site. I just logged into the site as a brand new user to check what they see. The discobot bot sends them a brief message. I have modified this message text so the first line details that this site isn’t for tech support. Here’s what it looks like for new users…


Although, if you’re brand new, you’ll also see the banner above it, like this…

So you’re already being told it’s not for technical support, and then again by the bot. Perhaps people just don’t read this stuff?


Suggestions on improving these things most welcome, as always.


First - not sure it shoud say thanks for joining Ubuntu Forum …

that aside could we change it so that the ‘this is not for’ line isn’t a sub point but actually appears before the ‘Thanks for joining’ line - then if they at least bother to read 1 line - it tells them that.

Though reading is a lost art form I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s embarrassing! I completely missed that it says forum. Apologies.

I’ve made it even more bold. We’ll see how this goes.

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Ha ha ha.

Still think it should perhaps be above the rest - we shall see, just going on what I tend to do - read the first bit, then rapidly lose interest :wink:

Unfortunately, you can provide the welcome screen, but you can’t force users to read it. We found on the Forums that even when we asked the members to read and agree to the Code of Conduct, most just click the agree button and move on. Also there are those who seem to think that the rules don’t pertain to them for whatever reason.