Modern Communication Platforms - Call for Feedback

Hi all,

Once again, I show up before the start of the weekend, and I bring some interesting updates from within the Matrix:

Matrix Council

  • Call for nominations for the Matrix Council are open! Please check this announcement and consider applying!
  • If you want to keep up to date with Ubuntu Matrix Council meeting reports, you can use this custom filter.


IRC bridging

  • We are testing the snapped bridge on a staging instance of Matrix. More updates on that in the next few weeks.
  • We reached out to the LoCo teams and sent some general recommendations on this post. IRC bridging and Matrix were a part of it.

Get involved!

If you like what you see, you enjoy using Matrix and you have the passion to help this initiative, we encourage you to get involved. Nominate yourself for Matrix Council, help us with documentation, guide new users into the Matrix, or help us spread the word.
You can do so by replying to this thread, or by joining the Ubuntu Matrix Ops room:


The team have been doing a great job on Matrix adoption


Thanks for the update. These feel like they should be new topics though?


Thanks for the shout out for this! Tried FluffyChat right away and it certain appears the most user friendly and comprehensible of all Matrix chat clients tried so far. :+1:

I think FluffyChat is getting lots of things much clearer than say Element.


There’s another new Matrix client, which might be interesting to some. It is command-line based and uses vim key bindings. I made a snap of it, so it’s easy to install:


I love snaps they’re so simple and straight forward. Everywhere just snap install -package-. Your work on snaps enormously appreciated :heartpulse:


Thanks @popey for this comment. Initially we wanted to keep everything in a post to avoid fragmenting the discussion. Having said that, we are well past that point, and there are multiple Matrix related discussions that are hard to track with tags only.

In order to provide a better place to promote discussions around matrix, we created a new sub-category under Community. I moved all the meeting reports and announcement posts.

@nbuechner , @arraybolt3 This category will also be a good place to post about Matrix bots :slight_smile: