Mir weekly (3rd Nov, 2017)

Hey folks, here’s a summary on all Mir related activity from this week.

Mir 0.28.1 released!

This is a patch release that addresses the following:

  • Fedora support - build and operational fixes to get Mir working on non-Ubuntu distributions
  • Wayland improvements: keymap support, and a vital XWayland bug fix

Mir 0.28.1 has been released to Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic”. There are builds for the supported Ubuntu releases (16.04 LTS “Xenial”, 17.04 “Zesty” or 17.10 “Artful”) in the mir-team/release PPA

Fedora support

Mir 0.28.1 is functional on Fedora. We’re working on getting Mir fully packaged up and added to Fedor proper (big shout-out to @Conan_Kudo for all his help)

Check out the discussions in this thread: https://community.ubuntu.com/t/mir-running-on-fedora/893/14

Moving to Github

We want to make it easier for everyone to contribute to Mir, so from this week, all development and bug tracking will now be through https://github.com/MirServer/

We’re putting lots of work into the CI and auto-landing systems, so that new contributions get quick feedback and reviews. We’re looking forward to sharing our new workflow with the community, working out the kinks and getting Mir moving. More details available here.

Wayland work

There’s currently a lack of a good Wayland conformance suite, which would be vital for a high quality Wayland implementation in Mir. So we’re making one!

Once we have it up and running, we want to share it with the community.

Have a great weekend all

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