Mir Release 2.8.0

We are pleased to announce Mir 2.8


Mir now implements the wlr_screencopy_unstable_v1 protocol extensions, allowing e.g. for tools like grim and wayshot to grab screenshots.

NB: the extension is disabled by default.

Generated protocol code

Rather than checking in the code generated from Wayland protocol definitions, we now generate it fresh when building. This came along with tests covering the generator itself.

Mir graphics platform refactoring

Working towards hybrid and hetero-GPU environments, we’ve refactored a lot of the graphics platform code and APIs.

X11 window title

When testing on the X11 platform, you can now supply a title for the window through --x11-window-title.


We now build and test Mir continuously on the RISC-V architecture, so we know we’re ready for this exciting new platform.

Supported distributions

We’ve ensured that Mir 2.8 builds with the latest versions of Ubuntu (kinetic), Fedora (rawhide), Debian (sid) and Alpine (edge).


ABI summary

  • mircommon ABI bumped to 9
  • mirserver ABI bumped to 58
  • mirplatformgraphics ABI bumped to 20


  • Move generated protocol code to build directory (#2300)
  • Allow --app-env-amend to be supplied multiple times (#2333)
  • Make window title a configuration option (#2349)
  • Add fatal_error if unable to bind Wayland socket (#2350)
  • Add mold to the list of supported linkers (#2353)
  • Platform refactoring towards hybrid GPU support (#2358, #2378, #2407)
  • Implement wlr_screencopy_unstable_v1 for screenshots (#2383)
  • Refactor out mf::MirDisplay (#2406)

Bugs fixed

  • Synchronize buffer swaps to video frame in egl spinner (Fixes #2154)
  • Do not give menus keyboard focus (Fixes #2324)
  • Refactor Wayland keyboard input (Fixes #2331)
  • Further simplify and correct keyboard focus setting (Fixes #2338)
  • wl_pointer: do not send events when not compatible (Fixes #2341)
  • Kill clients with error instead of sending unsupported (Fixes #2343)
  • Initialize sig_handler_desc.sa_mask (#2386)
  • Fix ThreadedDispatcherSignalTest.keeps_dispatching… (Fixes #2377)

I’ve proposed an update for Fedora Linux 36 to ship Mir 2.8.0. It’s also now in Rawhide.

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