Mir News: 7th September 2018

Mir News


@saviq and I have been working with the web team to re-vamp the Mir website. These things are never finished, but we’re very pleased with the progress so far!


We’ve had a bunch of bugfixes landing on master. These include:

  • A couple of cursor related bugs (#555 and #556);
  • A focus related fix #522;
  • A major fix for VT switching (#459) (thanks @raof, now finish off Nvidia support!) ; and,
  • A runtime error on musl (#574) interesting, as I didn’t know Mir was running on musl!

There’s also been some updates:


There’s some re-engineering of the way graphics snaps connect, @greyback had most of the pieces lined up before going on vacation; @saviq has taken on the job of putting the last bits in place. If you’re working on graphical snaps that use mir-kiosk then “watch this space”, it is about to get a whole lot easier!


The egmde snap has an “edge” branch tracking Mir development. More here.


One of the UBports developers has shared an image of mir 0.32 running on z5:

Their plan to ship with the latest Mir in January appears to be well on track!


I thought Canonical had given up on the whole convergence/phablet/mir thing? Did I read some fake news or misunderstand it somehow?

This has been answered many times, but in brief:

  1. Canonical is supporting Mir development for IoT projects.
  2. Mir never dropped support for multiple platforms nor for convergence.
  3. Unity8 is still “a thing” but Canonical is no longer funding the development.
  4. Ubuntu Touch is still “a thing” but Canonical is no longer funding the development.