Mir News: 31th August 2018

A happy end-of-winter to all those in the correct hemisphere! For everyone else, I hope the coming autumn treats you well.

This week in Mir has seen the landing of @alan_g’s static display configuration file format, and extended it to allow selection from multiple layouts.

@sophie-w has been working on infrastructure improvements for our Wayland protocol parser/generator.

@greyback continues his valiant efforts to document how to test miral-kiosk on Ubuntu core and to finish up the Snap work. Among other things, he’s updated the documentation post with new, currently working instructions.

And on the UBports front, it seems that the work required to get Unity8 on the phone to use Mir 0.32 is nearly complete. Congratulations to the team!

I’ve been continuing to hit the logind integration with a stick. Everything now works on Cosmic and curiously fails on Bionic and earlier (and Arch, and…). In between debugging I’ve been starting the work required to get the eglstream-kms platform to provide client EGL support, which would enable hardware accelerated clients on the NVIDIA binary drivers.


Over the last weekend, I’ve also pushed Mir 0.32.1 into Fedora 29 and Rawhide (which will become Fedora 30).

For users of Fedora 27 and Fedora 28, builds are in progress in the ngompa/Mir COPR to offer a backport of Mir 0.32.1 for experimentation and development purposes. Mir 0.32.1 should become available there within a couple of hours.

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