Mir News: 29th of March 2019

Another week, another Mir!

On the code landing side, we’ve landed a couple more fixes for somewhat non-standard build environments, this time Alpine, and @alan_g has continued landing bits of bespoke Wayland extension support.

Having got the Mate snap up and running, @sophie-w is working on getting the layer-shell branch into a mergable state.

In WLCS-land, hacking up a Weston integration lead to this branch making eventloop-based compositors much easier to test. Once that has landed, along with a couple of other miscellaneous fixes, we should be about right to do a 1.0 release of WLCS!

Design-discussion-wise, these threads about how to make a MirAL framework snap work with snaps providing Mir graphics platforms. Current status is: a bit up in the air!


The discussion about the snapd side of this continues here:

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