Mir News 26th of October 2018

As part of my ongoing effort to port MATE components to Wayland, I have continued work on MATE panel. I solved several architectural problems with how GTK, applets and the panel talk to each other, which arose from me using a Wayland protocol not natively supported by GTK. I got both popups and tooltips to appear in the right place, and the panel running on Wayland is starting to feel a lot less broken. There’s still a ways to go, and a few more problems to solve. In particular, we need to decide on a Wayland protocol for sharing window information with task switchers/window buttons. If you know of existing work in this area, pleas let us know.

Meanwhile, @raof has been working on supporting NVIDIA, and improving our platform system in the process. @alan_g was at a roadmap sprint this week, and so not coding on Mir.


Is there a public branch you are working on for wayland port ? Thanks.

Yes! My MATE panel port to Wayland + Layer Shell is in a PR here.