Mir News: 24th August 2018

Hey all,
some updates:

  • News from the community: @vanyasem (reporting on the UBports Unity8 channel): “Mir was fixed upstream, I can now finally run Unity8 on Mir on X on Arch properly. First testing builds should be ready SOON”

  • the egmde snap now has beta and edge channels. Beta uses ppa:mir-team/release, Edge uses ppa:mir-team/dev

  • @raof has been bug fixing the VT switching and logind interactions, so that Mir can co-exist correctly with other desktop shells.

  • @alan_g and @saviq have been working on a display configuration file format. This will be ideal for IoT devices, as you can quickly tell Mir how to configure and position the displays.

  • @sophie-w continues to focus on xdg-shell stable and fixed a “keyboard grab” issue experienced on Arch

I’ve been applying the final touches to updated tutorials on using Mir for graphical kiosks, which I’ll share with you all next week!
Good WE all!

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More on the display configuration file format here.

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