Mir News: 23rd of November 2018

Hello, and welcome to This Week in Mir!

This week sees us tantalisingly close to having NVIDIA GL support landed on trunk, the relevant pull request is only waiting on a little more testing. This has required some awkward cludging in the Debian packaging that will make it unsuitable for the archive. Fortunately, that will be resolved by Timo Aalton’s work packaging the standalone nvidia-egl-wayland library; currently in ppa:canonical-x/x-staging.

In other developments, @alan_g continues to work on drag and drop support, and @sophie-w remains in the forests between Mir, MATE, GTK, and layer_surface.

For those interested in contributing to Mir (or QtMir) but who don’t have an appropriate development environment, I also wrote a little howto for doing QtMir (and Mir) development with the help of an LXD container.