Mir News 1st March 2019

Last week the Mir team got together for a sprint, so an update is in order. We took a look at all currently open issues, and made plans to address many of them.


As we went through our issues, we added “Help wanted” and “Good first issue” to the ones we think external developers would be most interested in tackling. If you’re interested, head over to our issues list and take a look. As always, we’re happy to answer questions on GitHub or in #mir-server on Freenode (there’s usually someone online at any time, at least during weekdays).

Mir 1.1.2

We’re about to release Mir 1.1.2, which fixes bugs on Alpine and the Raspberry Pi.

Mir Snaps

The mir-kiosk snap can now run on Ubuntu classic, and if you use the edge channel core snap (snap refresh --edge core), you don’t have to install it with --devmode. egmde-confined-desktop has been updated to ship with more builtin apps.


Ubuntu Touch from UBPorts is now using Mir 1.x on their edge builds. They initially ran into some problems, but have now resolved most of them.