Mir News: 19th of October 2018

As you may know I’ve returned from vacation to discover that nothing much has landed on Mir’s master branch.

That doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening!

The Ubuntu archive

@raof hit an unexpected “bump” with the Mir release: We added support for a YAML based “display” configuration file in release 1.0 and the developer that implemented that support (yes, that was me) used a library that is not currently in main. As Mir is in main that needs to be resolved before Ubuntu can release Mir 1.0.


@raof has also been busy with our Nvidia “graphics platform”. There’s a bunch of PRs undergoing review currently (the one that lands the support is #628). We’re taking this slow, as it involves changes to module interface and we’d like to be sure that these changes can be accommodated by the UBports developers.

Also related to the desktop @sophie-w has been busy adding Wayland support to MATE panel. I’ve not been following closely, but he and the MATE developers seem to be iterating towards a sensible implementation that can be used with the “layer shell” support he’s proposed for Mir #609.


Following the release of Mir 1.0 and the tutorials about developing graphics snaps for Ubuntu Core we’ve had quite a bit of feedback and discussions about using mir-kiosk for IoT devices. Most of this has been positive and I expect to be able to share some specific stories soon.


I’d like to congratulate the UBports developers on this week’s successful release of OTA5!

Ubuntu Touch is now based on Ubuntu 16.04LTS and the Ubuntu archives, which makes things a lot simpler for the UBports project. OTA5 marks an important milestone for the Ubuntu Touch project begun by Canonical.