Mir News 16th of November 2018

Experimental XWayland in egmde

@alan_g enabled support for X11 apps via XWayland in egmde. Keep in mind this feature is highly experimental, and can crash the desktop. The egmde snap must be installed from the edge channel:

# Install edge egmde
sudo snap install --classic --edge egmde

# Enable experimental XWayland support
sudo snap set egmde x11-display=auto

Then you can run an X11-only app inside egmde, and see what happens.

Graphics updates and QtMir

As part of his continued work on the Mir graphics stack, @raof opened a pull request on QtMir. QtMir is a Qt plugin that allows Mir compositors to be built with the toolkit, and it’s used by Unity8. These updates are a step toward keeping it (and by extension, Unity8) compatible with the changes @raof is making to the core Mir library. Here is a video of the updated Mir and updated QtMir working together. There is still work that needs to be done porting the Android platform Ubuntu Touch runs on.

Debugging Wayland

The Mate-on-Wayland project has been a continuous battle with GTK. To aid the fight, I’ve developed a handy debugging tool, which processes Wayland messages and allows for filtering and searching them. It can parse the output of running a Wayland app with WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 set, or it can integrated directly with GDB. In the latter case, you can even set breakpoints on specific Wayland classes/objects/messages, and get full stack traces when they are used. The tool has already proven useful to me, but there are still a few important features to add. When its complete, I’ll make a more detailed post about it, so stay tuned if you’re interested.