Mir News: 15th March 2019

Releasing Mir

We didn’t release much new Mir code over the past week: Mir 1.1.2 was a very minor bugfix release that addresses the feedback from PostmarketOS.

However, @saviq did some great work to ensure that our collection of Mir-server snaps is automatically updated.

Coming soon

@raof has been updating our wlcs tool for testing Wayland conformance after experimenting with using it with Weston.

@sophie-w is trying to get a snap of his work on MATE into the store. There’s been a slight delay as it is currently infeasible to release this (or any workable desktop) as a confined snap.

And I have been sketching out how we can support shells that want to implement Wayland extension protocols with needing to get these changes upstreamed into Mir.

Coming sometime

@saviq has started a discussion about making it easier to snap servers based on Mir.

On the Internet

Some time ago @greyback put together a proof-of-concept web kiosk based on chromium. A number of people have tried it and some have used it successfully:

But others found problems that we never got around to fixing (it was only a proof of concept) and one person has solved the problems that matter to them by creating a kiosk snap based on the WPE WebKit backend:

How are you using Mir?

If you are using Mir would you be able to share something about it?

Any details about your particular use-case would be awesome to know :slight_smile:. Also, what worked well? What did not? Anything you feel missing?

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