Mir News: 14th September 2018

Mir News

It may look as though the pace of change has slowed, but much of our effort this past week has been on improving “graphical snaps” story based around mir-kiosk. That has meant a lot of testing and preparing updates to documentation.

We’re almost ready to release a new version of Mir. But we’ve delayed to ensure that we can fix the few things that came out of the above testing. Once we’re happy with this we’ll be releasing Mir and updating the tutorials and other documentation.


  • We’ve had a couple of bugfixes landing on master:

    • If overlapping display outputs have differing orientations, the cursor is wrong on some. #556); and,
    • Monitor unplug/replug breaks Wayland clients #585.

    As you might imagine these were discovered as a result of testing mir-kiosk in scenarios that are uncommon on a developer laptop.

  • In addition, @sophie-w has proposed the initial stages of the layer shell support.


The devil is always in the detail! @saviq has continued working on the updates to the way that snaps operate. That means changes both to the existing snaps and to the documentation. I’ve just finished reviewing these changes, they’re ready to start pushing out, but there was not time to finish that this week.

If you’re working on graphical snaps that use mir-kiosk then “watch this space”, it is about to get a whole lot easier!


  • The egmde snap “edge” branch continues to track Mir development. More here.

  • @raof has resumed work on re-enabling support for the Nvidia drivers.

    Things are not fully working yet, and not proposed for merging, but he has got GL clients running on his development system. There’s a short YouTube video:

    • https://youtu.be/fCUtlDELM5k
      "Mir rendering one of the glmark2-wayland demos on the NVIDIA binary drivers.
      "The flickering is, I think, a regression in the driver that we need to work around.
      “The demo is upside down because this doesn’t yet handle WAYLAND_BUFFER_Y_INVERTED.”

    I’d really like to promise Nvidia support for the next release, but it is not yet ready.

  • X11 support

    The core team has still not got to this. It remains “experimental” as there are outstanding issues to resolve before it is ready.