Mir-kiosk 0.29.0 updates

Mir-kiosk 0.29.0

Now that mir 0.29.0 has been released, the mir-kiosk snap has been updated as well.
For a quick demo, you can install mir-kiosk and mir-kiosk-apps on a Raspberry Pi 3, a dragonboard 410c or an amd64 ubuntu core image.

Mir-libs snap

As part of the updates, to simplify usage, we have deprecated the mir-libs snap.
The mir-libs content snap slot is now provided by mir-kiosk itself.
So if you examine the available slots in mir-kiosk, you will see both “mir” and “mir-libs-1604”.
mir-libs-1604 is the content interface slot which provides the necessary mir client
libraries which are compatible with the server version provided by mir-kiosk.

For more information see the snaps on mir guide.

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