Mir 1.3.0 Release

Mir 1.3.0 Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of Mir 1.3.0.

For Ubuntu, Mir is available from the Mir PPAs. It is also available as a source tarball.

Wayland extension protocols

This release is mostly about supporting Mir based shells using additional Wayland extension protocols. It addresses a few of the issues encountered using libmirwayland-dev:

  • mirwayland.pc does not specify /usr/include/mirwayland #873
  • Add a package config file for mircommon and reference it mirwayland and mirplatform #868

It also makes it much easier to test Wayland extensions in a downstream project:

  • Publish miral::TestWlcsDisplayServer and miral::TestServer fixtures in mirtest-dev

Please note, however, that this support is a work in progress and, depending on any feedback we get, we may need to make improvements that are not backwards compatible.

A few days ago I published a “worked example” of a downstream project using these tools: Work in progress: Developing Wayland extension protocols for Mir servers


ABI summary:

  • mirserver ABI bumped to 49


  • [Wayland] Rename zxdg_output_v1 -> zxdg_output_manager_v1
  • [Wayland] Eagerly send buffer release events
  • [Wayland] Eagerly execute work when on Wayland thread
  • [MirAL] Surface depth layer support
  • [MirAL] Application Zone support
  • [MirAL] Explicit handling of Wayland extensions in MirAL and Mir
  • [MirAL] Do not place parentless windows relative to existing windows
  • [Wayland/mirtest] publish miral::TestWlcsDisplayServer and miral::TestServer fixtures in mirtest-dev. (Fixes #878)
  • [Wayland/generator] Force compile-time error if XML/generated classes are updated to a new version without also updating the child classes
  • [Wayland/generator] Add base objects for Wayland objects and globals
  • [Wayland/generator] Add a constructor-from-parent for objects that can be server-constructed
  • [Examples] Implement Ctrl-Alt-T handling for miral-shell

Bugs fixed:

  • [Wayland] Better handle window role state changes. (Fixes #836)
  • [Wayland] Fix INCLUDEDIR for the mirwayland.pc file. (Fixes #873)
  • [Wayland] Process output update notifications on the correct thread. (Fixes: #886)
  • [MirAL] Allow unfocused windows to receive mouse down events
  • [MirAL] Handle exceptions propagating from InternalClient code
  • Add a package config file for mircommon and reference it mirwayland and mirplatform. (Fixes: #868)
  • [nested] Make sure we destroy eglImage before class gets destructed

Sorry it’s a bit late, but Mir 1.3.0 is now available in Fedora Rawhide (to be Fedora 31).

It has also been submitted as an update for Fedora 29 and as an update for Fedora 30. It should be available to everyone within the next 48 hours via the mirror network.