Mir 1.1.1 Release

The latests bugfix release of Mir is now available from the Mir Release PPA: ppa:mir-tream/release.

The changes relate mostly to four things:

  1. Fixing FTBFS issues on PostmarketOS (which uses musl instead of glibc).
  2. Updating the “demo” shells to use Wayland (and therefore work on Nvidia)
  3. Getting our “test tools” to run in a snap
  4. Bugfixes we found necessary to run on Mali

Over the next few days @raof will be uploading Mir 1.1.1 to the Ubuntu 19.04 archive and I will be updating our Mir based snaps:


I would love to have proper “ctrl+alt+del” behavior like on windows for frozen GUIs. Is that possible for MIR?

Mir doesn’t dictate what key bindings shells or greeters use, how they are configured, nor what they do with them.

So the answer is trivially “yes”. Because Mir has nothing to do with it.