Mir 0.32.1 release candidate

Testing Mir 0.32.1 release candidate

Testing has begin for the Mir 0.32.1 bugfix release. T is available from the Release Candidate PPA. Assuming you have the release version of Mir installed you can update as follows:

sudo apt-add-repository --update ppa:mir-team/rc
sudo apt upgrade -y

As is right and proper for a bugfix release there are no ABI breakages, so you don’t need to rebuild downstream projects like egmde or Unity8.


- Enhancements:
  . [libmiral] Launcher for internal Wayland clients. (#410)
  . [miral-shell] Reinstate the "spinner" when starting miral-shell
    (re-implementing it in Wayland)
- Bugs fixed:
  . [mesa-kms] Select EGLConfig matching our GBM format. (#435)
  . [Wayland] Don't send output events that are not supported in the agreed
    protocol version. (#389)
  . [Wayland] Ensure resize configuration events are not superseded. (#449)

This release fixes the problems seen on Ubuntu Cosmic and should make its way to the Ubuntu archives after release.

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Unfortunately Mir 0.32.1 doesn’t currently work with UBports Unity8.

I’ve done enough investigation to think that this is not entirely a Mir issue, so we are releasing 0.32.1.

@mariogrip of UBports is aware of the issue & we’ve discussed what I’ve found so far. (He has the Mir team contacts he needs to resolve the issue.)