Minutes for the 2021-02-17 Community Council meeting


Local Communities Research Committee

  • “ACTION:” toddy to tally the results of the vote on members and announce it.
  • ‘‘ACTION:’’ toddy to set up a Launchpad project for the LCRC with the CC as owner.
  • ‘‘ACTION:’’ linaporras to set up a meeting between the LCRC and the CC.

IRC Council

  • ‘‘ACTION:’’ nhaines to provide status of IRC Council by next meeting.

New business

  • ‘‘ACTION:’’ teward to provide an update by next meeting on the ESM/Standard Support/EoL confusion.
  • Canonical now has two community representatives, Rhys and Monica (@madhens, who stopped by to say hello)!
  • ‘‘ACTION:’’ linaporras to confirm that Ubuntu members get ESM as a benefit and update the wiki accordingly.
  • ‘‘ACTION:’’ linaporras is our next meeting chair!


I failed to create a new agenda as I was supposed to as our meeting chair, so we used the old minutes as our agenda.

CC members present: @wxl @linaporras @jose @nhaines @teward @torsten.franz

Full logs are available.


It was so good to drop in! See you all at the next meeting, and I won’t forget to bring enough tea and treats for everyone! :tea: :cake:

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