Minutes for the 2020-12-16 Community Council meeting

All members were present for this meeting.

Old business

Technical Board elections

  • We have an adequate number of seemingly well-qualified nominees.
  • We are waiting to hear from Mark on the shortlist.
  • If there is no response by end of year, we’ll extend for 2 weeks.
  • ACTION @teward to post to list about observations from Technical Board nominations.

Membership Board

  • Just celebrating that our new board is officially installed. Horray! :slight_smile:


Local Communities Research Committee

  • We hashed out the final details of our proposal for the committee.
  • A vote was taken on whether or not current CC members could be a part of the LCRC. The motion was denied.
  • Nominations are set to begin at the first of the year, with the election set to end at the end of January.
  • ACTION @torsten.franz to put LCRC proposal draft in our documentation
  • ACTION@torsten.franz to create call for nominations for LCRC linking to the proposal draft in our documentation

New business

  • We agreed to do a better job of making a bug on Launchpad for all of our action items for better transparency.
  • We agreed that at the end of every meeting a new chair would be chosen for the next meeting.
  • We also agreed that chairs would create the agendas ahead of the next meeting time.

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