Minor problems after Upgrading from Server to Desktop

I have Upgraded from The Server Edition of Ubuntu 18.04.1 to The Desktop version 18.04.1.
I am Using Two NVME M.2 Samsung 970 Evo’s Connected in raid0.
It was a Long Road to get my system setup in raid0 But it is fast.
I wanted the O/S to be on the Raid so I Installed the Server Edition first Then Upgraded it to the Desktop Vers.
Now I have a few small problems.
I have noticed in the Ubuntu Software Down loader, a few Apps that are normally there in the desktop vers ( without being upgraded ) Are Not there.
Like if I Search for Dropbox, it can’t find it.
So I had to Install them through the Terminal.
also On Boot Up I get the Full String of System Commands, that One would Normally see in The Server Edition.
I would like to know if this could be Removed.
Or Maybe there might be some Command to run to Cleanup all the Actions that The Server Edition would normally Use.
Any Help would be Appreciated.

This seems like a Support question, so I’ll refer you to the support venues for it. This particular site is more about coordination and discussion of the Ubuntu project. Sorry.

For Ubuntu’s excellent support venues, see https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712 . There are quite a few server, raid, and “small problem” questions there.