Migrating from Microsoft to Linux @ Home.:

I’m not sure if “here” is where this post belongs. If it is misplaced, please feel free to either delete it or move it to a more proper location. Hi! I’m a new Ubuntu user…as a matter of fact, I’ll be overwriting Manjaro with 18.04 when I get home tonight. My hope; is for a better experience than I had with Manjaro. I was told by many people, on many previous occasions, that Linux was more stable than M$, and I would be able to easily add / remove applications, as well as enhance my desktop without fear of causing any real damage, or at least that couldn’t be easily fixed…with communal assistance :hugs:. My hope is that I can configure my new UI to meet my family’s home computing needs…that if I do have a problem, fixing one problem won’t break three other things…I hope?! :crossed_fingers::kissing_heart:

Welcome to the Ubuntu Community.

I wish you luck with your new Ubuntu. The Ubuntu community is broad and helpful, though no community is completely free of trolls & people just having a off/bad day.

Please note: I do realize you’re not asking for help, but this site is for the co-ordination of the Ubuntu Project, and not support. If however, you find you need support, the following page may be helpful : https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712