MicroCloud Partition Support

So I have 4 shiny new Ubuntu Server 22.04 boxes. There are two disks, nvme0n1 and sda.

sda is not allocated and I plan on assigning that to remote storage.

However, nvme0n1 is a 512gb disk with existing partitions totaling less than 50gb.

Since Ceph is able to use a partition, I was kind of hoping that Microcloud would also let me select a partition for the local storage, but the microcloud init call is only finding sda, it’s not letting me pick a partition.

Is this expected? Can I skip the setup of local storage for the init, then come back afterwards and add a partition as local storage?

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Currently yes it is expected.

Yes you can skip the local storage setup during microcloud init and do it later via lxc storage create.

We are planning to add support for using partitions. Currently it is blocked on an AppArmor restriction in snapd for MicroCeph, and for local storage we have an issue tracking it here


Awesome, thanks so much for the response!

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