Michal Kohútek (Tylnesh) | Membership Application

Hey there!

my name is Michal and I’m the administrator for the Czecho-Slovakian Ubuntu community. Ever since I’ve started using Ubuntu back in the 2007, I’ve made the effort to help the less experienced users in our community. After a while the activity in our forum dwindled and I’ve moved on to mostly spreading the word in person within my wide circle of acquaintances.

After meeting up with a great many awesome members of the European Ubuntu community in Paris (Ubucon Europe 2017) I’ve dedicated myself to the efforts of reviving our local community. I’ve become the administrator of our Ubuntu CZ/SK website and forum, our Telegram support group and have started to man the stands and speak about Ubuntu at events happening mostly in Czechia. I’ve been present at multiple years of LinuxDays in Prague, DevConf and OpenAlt in Brno. I’ve also helped with stands at FOSDEM (virtual in 2022, regular in 2023) and Linux App Summit 2023.

My Launchpad account is at: tylnesh in Launchpad

I don’t have any code contributions as there aren’t many Java desktop apps, however I would like that to change in the future as I’ve recently started working on a pet project in Flutter and hope to contribute code to the newly created Flutter applications shipped in Ubuntu.

My plans for the future concerning Ubuntu is creating a more vibrant and welcoming community in Czechia and Slovakia, bringing in more people that could contribute in not only code, but translations, documentation, support, etc. Personally, I would also love to host UbuCon Europe in our region. Failing that, I will keep on reaching out to people on the outskirts and slightly push them to take more active role in the community.


Hello Michal

Pleased that you make this next step within Ubuntu’s eco-system.
Please review:

Note that You must sign the Code of Conduct and we do insist on testimonials of your contributions.
When you are prepared please then notify us of your desired meeting date/time via:

I do look forward to processing your application.

on behalf of the Ubuntu Membership Board

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Hello! Sorry, I’ve had a bit of an issue with my GPG key, but that’s all solved now. I’ve signed the CodeOfConduct and will message people I think could give testimonies on my behalf.

Great :smiley:
Making good progress.

see ya soonest


I met Michal at LAS 2023. He was manning the Ubuntu booth and acted a bit as a local guide. He has a lot of enthousiasm, was very welcoming and incredibly helpful. He’s a great ambassador for the Ubuntu community, showing our values of openness by acting them out!


I’ve known Michal since 2017, where I’ve met him at Ubucon Europe 2017. Since then I’ve seen him on many occasions, for international events promoting Ubuntu and the best of Free Software, running Ubuntu community booths, doing presentations, connecting people. I’ve also seen his multiple efforts on making the Ubuntu Community coming and staying together, and trying to revitalize the Local Ubuntu Community in Slovakia and Czechia.

Tylnesh is a true Ubuntu Community champion, which should be an Ubuntu Member, and we need more people like him.


I was very excited to hear that Michal finally applied for the Ubuntu Membership!

My initial encounter with Michal was at Ubucon Europe 2017 in Paris, and since then, our paths seem intertwined at every Ubuntu or Open Source gathering. Encountering him is always a delight. He’s an active contributor, adeptly managing presentations and booths at conferences, lending support in project groups, consistently writing insightful blog posts about Ubuntu, and playing an active role in his local community.

Michal embodies the essence of what our community needs more of, and I extend my heartfelt support for his membership application.


I first met Michal in 2017 at Ubucon Europe Paris, and at many Ubuntu-Related events since. Every time i hear that he is not a member yet, i can’t help but ask myself how this is possible. Michal is the organizer every community wishes for. We have a true Ubuntu soul here. His application has my unequivocal endorsement!


Hi, as an Ubuntu Member, and Ubuntu-fr board member, I am pleased to see Michal’s application.

I have meet this ubuntu friend during Ubuntu & FLOSS events (UbuCon, Ubuntu Party, Fosdem, …), always with enthusiasm and I’ve seen him showing himself in the front line many times if he sees that he can help ! Also, I can’t wait to share another social event again with him.
I have also see him active via online ressources (Ubuntu chat related group, …). He put effort to organize things and his work has been seen from the Ubuntu Europe Federation itself; his efforts for the Slovakia and Czechia LoCos are very inspiring. He is very active. Share great values.

I strongly support Michal’s Ubuntu member application (even if he should have applied earlier!).


I met @Tylnesh at the Ubuntu Summit 2022. Since then, I have seen him representing Ubuntu at so many events that I almost lost count. One event where we directly worked together was LAS2023 in BRNO. While I could not attend the event, I helped with organization remotely, and @Tylnesh volunteered to take care of our Ubuntu booth at the event.
He has been a force of nature, finding local suppliers, getting the joint release party with Ubuntu and Fedora prepared and hyped up. He staffed a magnificent table with demo devices, he organized evening gatherings with attendees, and shared a great event write-up afterwards.

I cannot think of anyone better than @Tylnesh to be an ambassador of the Ubuntu community!


Congratulations and welcome on board!

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Thank you all very much for your help and endorsement.

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Have you changed your launchpad page/name in some way?, as that link isn’t opening for me.

Yes, I changed it and forgot to edit the post. Sorry for the confusion. It should be fine now.

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Thanks for updating. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,
Only today I read the weekly 814, so I came across this.
I have known Michal for many years from CZ Ubuntu forum. It is always helpful and its contributions have a level not only professional but also friendly. Over time, he took another portion of responsibility for servers.
For me, I recommend!

Michael, congratulate!

Nice day everyone.

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Here’s also my Ubuntu Wiki page that I’ve created as part of my nomination for the LoCo Council role.

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Congratulations and welcome on board!

I met Michal shortly in Ubuntu Summit 2022, but felt some of passion for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Community.

I hope good result to michal.

Have a good day, everyone

Minseong Cho

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