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Hi there,

since the late 90’s i’ve been around the Linux World. Must have been around 2010 that i began working with Ubuntu and fell in love with the whole System 'cause clearly it was different to the other distributons. In 2017 i had the main organisation of the UbuCon Wolfsburg which worked great unless there where more speakers on the panel than attendees. This was the moment where i realised that i wanted to keep on working in this community because after all it was a lot of fun and i found great people sharing the same ideas.

For some Time I was member of the ubuntuusers.de Team and worked there in the Ikhaya section.
Ikhaya is the Team which handles the news and notable Stories at ubuntuusers.de

Now i’m into serveral activities:

- 2nd Chairman of the ubuntu Deutschland e.V.
- German Ubuntu event team where I had several appearances at Events like the "Chemnitzer Linux Tage".
  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we appeared at several Online Events like Froscon, Chemnitzer Linux Tage, Open Rhein Ruhr etc.
- Inspired by a Blogpost on ubuntu.com I organised a Ubuntu Release Party in cooperation with the Wolfsburger Linux User Group.
- translating  Ubuntu translations in launchpad.net
- working on the Ubuntu-life.de Podcast (which needs to be reactivated)
- blogging about Linux and Ubuntu Stuff at michaelwehram.de
- member of the WOBLUG since it was founded (early 1999)
- part/member of the GNU/Linux News Show 

Future activities:

- looking for ways to get the UbuCon in germany back to life
- running ubuntu-life.de again with new concept 
- working on new Ideas how to make GNU/Linux more acceptable in 
  a wider field of Users. This happens with a group of people who 
  want to inspire others to take back their digital freedom
- giving lectures at Events that are Ubuntu Desktop related. I already did
  at small events but i think it's time to expand these activities.

I hope that my request gets your approval so that i can help spread the word of this
great community.



Hi Michael and hello world,

I am pleased that you have decided to apply for membership.

We have been working together for years. We have managed several stands together and organised events together. Out of a panel discussion, a news show emerged that we do together. At Ubuntu Deutschland e.V. he is my deputy and he has made some contributions to ubuntuusers.de - the official forum in Germany for Ubuntu.

I also know that he does a lot of translations and is very active in his Linux User Group.

I know that he is a role model when it comes to behaviour in the community.

I think he has done a lot of service for Ubuntu, so he is an enrichment as an Ubuntu member. Michael, you have my full support.


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Hello Michael -

I look forward to processing your application. Please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards to set your meeting date and time.

My regards

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This is a testimonial for Michael Wehram.
Currently Translating German Language.
His current page is: https://launchpad.net/~michael-wehram
He has given effort and progress for Ubuntu translating English to German language.
Translated to German: Er hat Mühe und Fortschritt für die Ubuntu-Übersetzung der englischen in die deutsche Sprache gegeben.
Thank you for your progress. I hope to see daily progress in your translations in German to become a member of Discourse Community. I noticed you have with Linux for a long time.
I hope that this recommendation makes you a member.
Please add your name to the Board for the next meeting.
Good Luck on your membership.
As my friend @bashing-om stated above.