Michael Quisido III | Membership Application

Hello all!

My Name is Michael Quisido.
I’d like to apply to Ubuntu Membership.

My Contributions

 I am pursuing the acquisition of the ubuntu-ph.org domain. I await the necessary approvals.
 I hold the ubuntu.com.ph domain name in our community. I envisioned it as a platform for my steps in Ubuntu, a space to build and grow our community.
 I took the initiative to register the ubuntu.com.ph domain for our community. It’s my stepping stone in Ubuntu, a foundation for building something special together.
 The ubuntu.com.ph domain? That’s a temporary that i used as a mask. It’s where I’m taking my steps in Ubuntu, brick by brick, to build a place we can all call home here in Philippines.
 While ubuntu.com.ph served its purpose initially, it was always intended as a bridge to a more permanent solution and it will lives on at ubuntu-ph.org.

Launchpad Translations

 Unity
 Unity Lens Photos - Completed
 Unity Scope Manpages - Completed
 Unity Lens Music - Completed
 Unity Lens Applications - Completed
 Unity Greeter - Completed
 Debian Installer Help - Completed
 Debian Tasks - Completed
 Ubuntu Default Launchers - Completed
 Ubuntu Documentation Translation
 Kubuntu Debug Installer - Completed
 Ubuntu Clutter-gtk Package - Completed
 Template Glib - Completed
 Gnome
 Gnome Icon Theme - Completed

wiki account

My Wiki account: mike-quisido - Ubuntu Wiki

Launchpad account

My Launchpad account: Michael Quisido III in Launchpad