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Hi everyone! My name is Merlijn Sebrechts. Feel free to call me “Merlin”, which is the English translation of my name. :mage: I would like to become an Ubuntu Member.

I started using Ubuntu as a daily driver in 2013 when I went on an internship in Kigoma, Tanzania and left my Windows laptop at home. When I came back to Belgium, the first thing I did was remove Windows 8 from my main laptop and install Ubuntu. I became active on AskUbuntu and spent a lot of time on there while hiding from my schoolwork :see_no_evil:. During my masters thesis, I started using Juju to build a Big Data PaaS and I started contributing a lot to the documentation and by writing Charms. I helped kick-start the “Ubuntu Communitheme” initiative by writing documentation and messing with build automation.

In the summer of 2018, I became a cyborg and while recovering from surgery, I became really interested in snapcraft. I started writing documentation and contributing to the tooling to create snaps of desktop applications. Although I have a lot less time now that I’m working full-time again, I still maintain a bunch of desktop snaps and still try to contribute where/when I can. I recently joined the snapcrafters group as a core member.

Where to find me

Telegram @galgalesh
Twitter @galgalesh
Github galgalesh
Launchpad merlijn-sebrechts
Askubuntu merlijn-sebrechts
Ubuntu Discourse merlijn-sebrechts
Snapcraft Forum galgalesh
IRC merlijn-sebrechts (I only use it when I’m forced to)

On most platforms, I’m either merlijn, merlijn-sebrechts or galgalesh. I tried to standardize once, but a bunch of platforms don’t seem to handle username changes well, so I gave up.

Contributions reference

My plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the future

I’m currently focusing on the Snapcraft ecosystem:

  • Making it easier to snap Desktop applications by helping with documentation and tooling.
  • Trying to dispel some myths about Snap and spread the word about what I find cool about it.
  • Maintaining and improving existing Desktop snaps.
  • If I ever get to it: writing good tooling and documentation for how to preserve old (32-bit) software in a snap.
  • Contribute to Project Kebe (open source snap store) to make it easier to deploy and get started.

In my opinion, snaps are the best solution to solve the issues of distributing desktop software on Ubuntu and Linux as a whole. That said, it contains some big warts and doesn’t have the best reputation, both of which I’d like to help fix. Although my ambition is often bigger than my free time :sweat_smile:


huh, whaaat ?!?! you are not a member already ??? definitely about time !


Merlin has been consistently contributing to Ubuntu projects and have made a substantial impact. That, IMO is the definition of an Ubuntu member. +1

PS: I love your future plans for Ubuntu, I am in :wink:


I don’t know what “becoming a Ubuntu member” actually means (shame on me, you dig into it), neither am a member myself, but seeing how much you contribute to Ubuntu ecosystem (it became VERY clear to me, after following Snapcraft Discourse for a while), I can’t think a reason you shouldn’t be accepted! As @ogra said, IMHO, it’s about time! :smiley:


Thank you so much for applying for membership! Don’t forget to add your name to one of the meeting slots ( - if you have any issues editing the Wiki, just let me know and I can add you to whichever meeting you prefer to attend.


Thanks @madhens. Can you add me to the 20:00 meeting (7 October)? I don’t see an “edit” button on that page, although I can see I’m logged in.

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Done! Go ahead and take a look and be sure everything looks correct. :blush:

Hey merlijn-sebrechts…

Pleased to see your interest also and look forward to processing your application.

Be aware that Ubuntu is no longer affiliated with the old Freenode network. Your LP page still reflects Freenode in your info.
Please register on the network and update your pages.
As a reminder, the Membership Board meets at the designated times on the Libera network on channel #ubuntu-meeting.
see <- for instructions on how to register.


Thanks! I updated the profile.


Good Luck with your application

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