Membership application process

These steps are relatively high-level (and hopefully intuitive), but if you need any additional help, please reply below or read a longer and more detailed breakdown of this process on the wiki.

Agree to the CoC

You have to agree to abide by the Ubuntu code of conduct. If you don’t agree with it, then unfortunately you cannot become an Ubuntu member. Please make sure you read it, it is a commitment that you will abide by the set structures and guides within the Ubuntu community to make it a safe, open, and ultimately enjoyable place to be.

New signing option

Regardless of which method you use, signing the code of conduct requires a Launchpad account. If, for any reason, you have not created a Launchpad account yet, create an account at the login page. Go to the CoC page, click to affirm, read through, check the box, and submit. Like this:


Document contributions

Go to the membership category where you need to make a new topic titled “Your name | Membership Application”, and lay out all of your contributions. The post should include:

  1. A summary of your contributions to Ubuntu (no longer than 2-3 lines per item)
  2. A link to your Launchpad profile
  3. A complete description of your contributions to Ubuntu
  4. Your plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the future
  5. And any testimonials to support your application as comments on the thread.


To get testimonials for step five, ask friends/sponsors/colleagues/people in the community to comment on your post to support your application. Any of your ‘sponsors’ are also welcome to join the meeting (more on that next) to present their testimonials in real-time.

Present your application

Finally, you need to present your application to the membership board. Don’t worry, the discourse post acts as the application material, the rest is a real-time interview on IRC. Ubuntu membership board meetings take place on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), in the #ubuntu-meeting channel on the Libera network. If you haven’t used IRC before, the easiest way to connect is to use a web client like KiwiIRC.

Once you have a nickname on IRC, and your discourse post with all the testimonials you want, you have to add yourself to the next board meeting agenda that you can attend:

12:00 UTC Board

20:00 UTC Board

22:00 UTC Board

Add your name, your IRC nickname, and a link to your discourse post. We recommend that you add yourself to an agenda that is at least a week away so the board members can co-ordinate and make sure of maximum attendance. The board meetings can take up to an hour. If you’re looking at this and thinking about applying, go for it. If you’re reading this because you’re in the midst of applying, GOOD LUCK :smiley: