Matrix Council Meeting report: 4 January 2024

Representatives of the Matrix Council had their first online meeting today, 4 January 2024. The meeting is currently hosted on a weekly basis, and lasts one hour each time.
The purpose of this report is to provide complete transparency regarding the decisions made by the Matrix Council.

Matrix Council meetings

Meeting frequency, duration, and structure

  • Since this is a new project with many tasks to accomplish, the Matrix Council meets once a week, on Thursdays 17:00 UTC.
  • Meetings are set to 60 minutes.
  • The first 30 minutes of the meeting are used to discuss important items that need the attention of the whole council.
  • At the 30 minutes mark, the council decides if further time is needed. If so, gather the list of needed council members and carries on. All council members are welcome to stay until the end.

Meeting chair:

  • Matrix Council memebers will take turns to chair the meeting.
  • Meeting chair for the week is also responsible to write a meeting report on the Ubuntu Discourse, using the “Community” category, and the “Matrix” tag.

Meeting Reports

  • Meeting reports on Discourse chat do not need names tied to bullet points.
  • If there are special projects or people to contact for certain discussions, we can drop names for direct contacts. But generally we want to keep conversations open and in the public.

Meeting notes, worflows and documentation

The Matrix Council is going to use a self hosted instance of HedgeDoc for meeting notes and other internal documentation.

Agile/Scrum Boards

The Matrix Council is going to setup a GitHub organization and use projects to track cards and tasks.


We are going to use the Discourse backed wiki. There is already a category setup for this with a few articles and a temporary index. Once the backend is ready, a frontend will be generated and the Matrix Council will communicate the links. For now, this is the index: Ubuntu Matrix Project - Documentation index

Priority items to address

Items on this list are chosen because they are most likely going to take longer to finish and need to be started soon.

Matrix Channels for moderators and defenders

    This public room is going to be used for all discussions. User requests, issue reports, and moderators/council discussions. This will encourage more involvement and promote transparency.
    This private room is used for internal discussion of the Matrix Council, for tasks that only involve the Council.
    This private room is used exclusively to send messages to bots


Since elections should happen in 3 months from now, we should get started and prepare elections for the Matrix Council.

IRC bridging

The Matrix Council is getting in touch with the KDE folks. KDE project has been using Matrix for a while, and at the same time bridged to IRC on servers. It will be beneficial to hear more about their experience, and the bridging technology they have been using.