Matrix Council Meeting Report: 4 April 2024

Meeting Participants
Aaron Rainbolt, Mauro Gaspari, Nils Büchner, Seth Arnold, Marc Gilligan, Merlijn Sebrechts, Michal Kohútek

Meeting chair
Nils Büchner


Meeting Agenda

  • Matrix Council Handover: This was the first meeting of the new Matrix Council
  • Presentation by Merlijn Sebrechts about Ubuntu using Matrix for the new Council
  • New launchpad group matrix-defenders to enable the new !defenders fact for Ubottu (see Updates)
  • IRC bridge: The bridge is being tested on the Matrix Staging instance. How will we handle the coexistence of Ubottu on IRC and Matrix on bridged rooms with the IRC version of the bot? No conclusive answer yet. Will probably be decided for each bridged room individually.
  • Meetings: Previous Matrix Council members remain operators and can join the weekly meetings
  • Operators can help as Defenders but it is not their primary duty
  • Call for Defenders will be announced on Discourse soon
  • Ubottu and Maubot will get their own Discourse article in addition to the on Git.