Matrix Council Meeting report: 25 January 2024

Representatives of the Matrix Council had their third online meeting, 25 January 2024.

Meeting participants: Merlijn Sebrechts (@merlijn-sebrechts), Aaron Rainbolt (@arraybolt3), Seth Arnold (@seth-arnold), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Nils Buchner (, Marc Gilligan (@ulfnic)

Meeting Chair: Merlijn Sebrechts (@merlijn-sebrechts)

Ubuntu Matrix testing instance

A few important questions have been asked by community members, the Matrix Council should provide clarity:

  • Server wipe: The Ubuntu Matrix homneserver is not going to be wiped. A cleanup of abandoned rooms will happen at the testing phase, in the end of the 24.04 cycle.
  • IRC bridging:
    • matrix-appservice-irc bridge has been snapped and is now available for testing in the --edge channel.
    • gather IPv4 addresses used by the IRC bridge in production environment
    • Coordinate a meeting with and make sure we gather all the requirements for IRC bridging.
    • Test the bridge in staging environment.
    • Deploy the bridge in production environment and test with limited rooms first, then ramp up

Matrix Clients

  • Client recommendation: It is important to state clearly that Element is the recommended client. Other clients are available but might not have all the needed features, such as SAML, threads.


  • Mjolnir is the chosen moderation bot, it runs on single instance mode
  • In the long term we would like to have our own moderator bot or contribute to Mjolnir to improve its features. This initiative should be public and involve the Ubuntu Community.

Room publishing rights

  • Per documented processes, a limited set of administrators will be able to publish rooms in the server directory, and list rooms in the Ubuntu Community space. @nbuechner is going to create a GitHub issue requesting the synapse configuration change


  • Documentation site is live! Matrix | Ubuntu
  • Moderation vision and style. It is important to write and communicate this as it will set the tone for moderation and moderators on our instance.

Bot accounts

  • Ubuntu Members and Canonical employees that can log on the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver, should be able to request bot accounts for various purposes. Information should be added in the Launchpad ID such as purpose of the bot, and Launchpad ID of who requested it.
  • Bot accounts will use SAML therefore need to be in specific Launchpad groups
  • A new Launchpad group for bots should be created and enabled to use SAML on Matrix homeserver. ubuntu-matrix-bots should be a decent name

I much appreciate the update! On the topic of moderation, Iā€™m wondering if you discussed mjolnir vs Draupnir from . I think there are reasons that speak for a change to Draupnir, the code is more modular and it seems more actively maintained.

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