Matrix Council Meeting report: 15 February 2024

Meeting participants:
Seth Arnold (@sarnold), Aaron Rainbolt (@arraybolt3), Merlijn Sebrecths (@merlijn-sebrechts ), Nils Buchner (@nbuechner), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Marc Gilligan (@ulfnic)

Meeting Chair:
Marc Gilligan (@ulfnic)

Open Federation

Ubuntu Matrix began openly federating Feb 12th and all issues were resolved by Feb 13th. The Matrix Council extends a big thank you to the IS team and everyone involved in that effort.

Defense and Moderation

The Matrix Council has published it’s first guide on Defense and Moderation illustrating how these roles will be broken down and updated other documentation to follow the same language.

In the performance of these roles the Council discussed how appeals, redactions and logging should be handled in consideration of the tools we’d like to have and the tools we have now.

To lighten the load on Defense work, no logging requirements were considered in cases where it’s a newly interacting account with very obvious intent to abuse the service, and for anything beyond that to have a screenshot requirement capturing a reasonable degree of context.

Ban expiration was discussed along with how to implement expiration. A strong convention of <= 4 weeks was considered with the following as a rough outline:

  • 1 day for introspection
  • 4 weeks to figure out how you’re interacting with the community
  • Lifetime for egregious ongoing cases

Custom ban times were considered with a pro being versatility and a con being less consistency.


The Matrix Council will produce lists of the tools it’d like to have categorized by difficulty level and importance so any developers who’d like to get involved have a way to join in.

Media Retention

The Council discussed data retention for media to insure the long term viability of Matrix hosting. It’ll inquire into the limitations on storage space and find a sensible compramise.

Media posted to Ubuntu Matrix should be considered transient and other platforms should be used for permanent storage. Automated cleanup was discussed with a potential 30-60 day retention time.

The 5MB limit afforded by Canonical’s Mattermost was used as a benchmark and 10MB to 20MB limits were considered for the sake of usability.

The Matrix Council would like to remind that while media storage is transient, any media posted to public rooms should be considered public information on permanent record.