Matrix Council Meeting Report: 11 April 2024

Meeting Attendees

Aaron Rainbolt (@arraybolt3), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Nils Buchner (@nbuechner), Seth Arnold (@sarnold) , Michal Kohutek (@Tylnesh), Carlos de Avillez (@hggdh2)

IRC Bridging

  • Libera.Chat has allowed us to bridge a limited number of rooms with IRC. Two things would be useful for us to have that we don’t have yet
    • IPv6 on the network stack to avoid blocking the whole bridge on accident
    • identd capability on the stack to allow individual users to be blocked rather than blocking individual IPs or ranges
    • We promised that we’re starting to work on these features. This requires help from Canonical DevOps, who intend to help with both of these during the Ubuntu 24.10 cycle.
    • The appservice-irc bridge support identd already, which will make things a bit easier.
    • The Matrix staging instance is being wiped as the initial attempt at setting up appservice-irc failed and broke things. Hopefully by next week or so the IRC bridging testing will be up-and-running. Once we’ve tested it in staging and are satisfied it can be installed on the main instance.

Synchronous communication council?

  • We need the Matrix and IRC councils to interact closely so that we get the best experience on both sides.
  • It may be helpful for the Matrix and IRC councils to merge into a single synchronous communication council in the future. Matrix will one day be replaced with something else, and it would be helpful for one council to simply move forward adding new platforms (and potentially deprecating ones that have almost no users) rather than new councils being made for each new platform.

Spam defense

  • We have an !ops-like trigger now (!defenders) that tags all defenders in a room.
  • Mjolnir + cme-bans is working very well - we haven’t seen spam in a long time and have been able to assist moderation in other rooms.
  • We need to think about how to keep the IRC and Matrix Ubottu bots from conflicting with each other. They may both be useful even when active in the same room simultaneously, but we need some way to keep them from conflicting.
    • Overlapping triggers are a problem
    • We can quiet one or the other bot if necessary


  • We need feedback on our Matrix documentation to see how good it is and what’s missing or wrong.
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